Living in a Pixel Perfect World Doesn’t Make you Perfect.

I’ll never forget the moment sitting across from my mentor on the day I had been fired. I said it seemed so “unfair”. He gazed across the room at me and said “Now, where did you ever get that idea?”

“Life isn’t fair, is it?” I laughed at myself now and my perspective of life then. It was the first time I was brave enough to question my belief in life. I look back now, and I believe that was the day I truly grew up.

Now, whenever I am struggling I think about that day and no matter how bad it gets, it still makes me smile. Life is not simple, life is not easy, and life is definitely not fair.

Accepting this fact has allowed me to accept so many other facts in my life. It opened the door for the flood of reality to come into my life and accept it as it is. Releasing me from holding the world accountable for its imperfection.

Today, having been hired back by the company from which I was fired, I find myself surrounded by people who are always making me grow in some way. “No one is perfect” “I am not perfect” “We are not perfect” I find great solace in now.

Living in a pixel perfect world doesn’t make you perfect.

Sure, the idea of Perfection is enticing isn’t it? It’s like this endless fantasy, this ever changing vision that will somehow end-up with you and happiness living forever together in a perfect dream.

Yet, that is not life is it? And how much time are you willing to commit to living in a dream?

I find I started living when I allowed life to.

Allowance takes slow, steady, consistent practice, and acceptance is like the bloom in the flower of life. To see things and NOT want to change them. To truly trust life, lean in, and soften up.

Trust yourself, trust others, always think the best of people, expect the best, and give the best of you to you — and to the rest of the world. That is the ask of life.

Life doesn’t owe you anything. And the idea of perfection will only keep you forever trapped in a timeless dream state never really touching the true depth of sorrow, pain, defeat, sadness, and finally — surrender.

Today, I wake up every morning thanking God for the simple things because I have been without, gone without, been made to eat my words — literally, yet I am still here. Not untouched by life, but deeply touched by it.

So, if you find yourself following on hard times, experiencing total shit from life I can tell you — it’s all part of it. Nothing you do, nothing you can buy, no perfect salary will make all the badness just disappear.

What you can do is stand up, open up, give in, let go and find something bigger than yourself to live for and surrender to.

Detach what value you allow yourself from who you think you are, what you do, or what you did. That is the truest gift I have ever given myself and I would have never received had I not accepted REAL life (Not the fantasy).

Please remember, if you have done it before — you can do it again. Live on and ride that struggle bus while you can, because one day you may wake up happy, thanking God for all the small things.

I grew up with art always being the main focus in my life. What I’m most interesting in cultivating is a deep connection between art and science.