Diffusion of Innovation: Visionaries

Visionaries make up 13.5% of the population and are that rare breed of people who have the insight to match an emerging technology to a strategic opportunity. The temperament to translate that insight into a high visibility, high risk project and charisma to get the rest of their organization to buy into that project.

As a class, Visionaries are recent entrance to the executive ranks, highly motivated, and driven by the dream.

The Dream is a business goal, not a technology goal. And it involves taking a quantum leap forward on how business is conducted in their industry or by their customers. It also involves a high level of personal recognition and reward.

If you understand their dream, then you will understand how to market to them.

Visionaries are not looking for an improvement, they are looking for a fundamental breakthrough. Technology is important, only so much as it is to deliver on the dream.

If it is eliminating the paperwork nightmare of agent based insurance sales, then it will include self service technology and legacy systems integration.

In sharp contrast to techies, the visionary derives value not from a systems technology itself, but from the strategic leap forward that it enables.

Visionaries drive the high tech industry because they see the potential for a massive return on investment and willingly take high risks to reach that goal.

Because they see such vast potential for the technology they have in mind, they are the least price sensitive of the technology adoption profile.

They are also effective at alerting the business community at pertinent technology advancements. Outgoing and ambitious as a group, they are usually more than willing to serve as highly visual references.

As a buying group, visionaries are easy to sell, but very hard to please. This is because they are buying a dream. Which will always be a dream. This will require the melding of many new technologies.

I grew up with art always being the main focus in my life. What I’m most interesting in cultivating is a deep connection between art and science.

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