The real real-ity of the SaaS world is that you can spend $20 million solving problems that don’t exist. So how useful is your software? And how do you know?

Well, let’s take a look at what Usability really is? According to Nielsen Norman Group it’s made up of these 5 qualities:

  • Efficiency
  • Memorability
  • Errors
  • Satisfaction

First, What is Learnability?

This is how easy it is for users to complete tasks. An example to illustrate how learnability is accomplished through UX Design would be creating a great Onboarding experience in your app.

What makes for a great Onboarding Experience?

From the ages of 11–19, I spent most of my life at an art studio on the border of Missouri and Arkansas. Never did a color wheel cross my path, and never did I spend one second reading criticisms from old decrepit men of my favorite pieces. I simply just knew what spoke to me.

Everyday after school I would go to the studio and see the first mentor of my life, Marsha. I would start by engulfing myself in magazines while sitting on the floor of the backroom, away from everyone else. …

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, pushes new code live to their customers every 11.6 seconds. And they are using agile short cycles as a competitive advantage — releasing early and often, gaining market feedback, and iterating based on what they learn to create a continuous conversation with their customers.

Essentially, they are discovering their product at the same time they are delivering it.

Lean UX is based on collaboration, cross-functionality, and removes the isolation software engineers, product managers, and designers experience from one another.

The days of the waterfall process are finished. Work is ever ongoing. We can’t afford to wait on the work of other teams, nor can we keep waiting on work from others.

Instead, we need daily continuous engagement with all our colleagues if we are going to be truly successful. This annihilates the need for heavy deliverables where teams build shared understanding together.

Possibly one of the worst ways to start off any design process is aspirational wireframes.

If you have ever spent 4 weeks creating something you considered to be magnificent only to realize you did it all in a silo and what you were really doing has no real value to your business, creating lost time and design debt…welcome to the party.

When you get into an agile machine — remember, it’s moving.

Did these wireframes get abandoned because they were flawed? Or did you go too far without any validation of this masterpiece you were constructing? Validation, meaning — did…

One of my great loves is economics. In an inspiring meeting yesterday with our CEO Tomas Gorny, I was amused when he quoted the 80/20 rule. Great people throughout history always have a way of finding a place into our meetings. Their ideas and discoveries guide us, though they are long gone. We truly do stand on the shoulders of giants.

The Pareto principle states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

Romanian-American management consultant Joseph M. Juran suggested the principle and named it after Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto.

Vilfredo Pareto, born in 1848, was an Italian engineer, sociologist, economist, political scientist, and philosopher. He is known for the introduction of…

Visionaries make up 13.5% of the population and are that rare breed of people who have the insight to match an emerging technology to a strategic opportunity. The temperament to translate that insight into a high visibility, high risk project and charisma to get the rest of their organization to buy into that project.

As a class, Visionaries are recent entrance to the executive ranks, highly motivated, and driven by the dream.

The Dream is a business goal, not a technology goal. And it involves taking a quantum leap forward on how business is conducted in their industry or by…

I stared at this phrase hanging above my 7th grade History teacher’s whiteboard for 9 months, until the next year when it was hanging over the assembly hall.

By that time he had become the principal, and I abhorred him with a passion. It was the second year in a row my favorite teacher had become the principal of the whole school, and I felt the sharp twinge of betrayal.

He was the first to teach me about Alexander the Great. The man who told his father, King Philip II of Macedon, at the age of 10 he would supersede…

  • 13.5% of our population are our Early Adopters
  • 34% of our population are our Early Majority
  • 34% of our population are our Late Majority
  • 16% of our population are our Laggards

We all sit at various places at various times on this scale, but what the law tells us is that if you want mass market success of mass acceptance of an idea you can not have it until you reach the tipping point between 15% — 18% of market penetration, and then the system tips.

So, it is that little gap that…

Amanda Hewett

I grew up with art always being the main focus in my life. What I’m most interesting in cultivating is a deep connection between art and science.

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